The Gold Coast Mission becomes an APOSTOLIC VICARIATE

After twenty years of self-sacrificing hard work (from 1880 to 1900, thirty priests and nuns had died) there were four residential stations (Elmina, Cape Coast, Keta and Saltpond), with a Catholic population of 4905. in appreciation this missionary zeal and hard work, the Holy See elevated the Prefecture Apostolic, which the Gold Coast mission had been, to an Apostolic Vicariate of the Gold Coast. Thus, the mission would now be administered on behalf of the Holy Father by a Bishop, who would be the head of mission. This was Fr. Maximilian Albert; and so, on May 12, 1901, he was consecrated the first Bishop of the Gold Coast.

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  1. I am Raymond Ayesu Student MA Religion and Human Values UCC. Please, can you give me the date and place of 1st mass celebration of Catholic Church in Gold Coast. Secondly, whether that was the first Orthodox Church in Gold Coast brought by the Europeans. Thanks.

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